Our True Home!

I heard something the other day, and I am not sure who wrote it or where it came from, but it was so profound and left such an impact on me I had to share it because it resonates with so much truth.

“insecurity will always rent the space it occupies, but confidence will own the building.”

Are you struggling with self-esteem and body image?  You first have to identify the problem in which It started.  Getting to the root of the problem is half the problem solved because when you can begin to fix that then everything else we become like snow and start to melt away leaving you on a clean, fresh new surface in which to build on again but this time you can build your house the way you want to.

Welcome to my home so let’s do some decorating, shall we?

I am Yvonne Coleman-Burney, and I love most creative things such as art, photography, DIY items, making jewelry and doing things with my hands.  My blog was initially home decorating, and I began to think to myself while I am showing people decorating ideas I am not teaching them how to live the best life that can live in their real home the home in which they continuously dwell inside.

We all struggle with something, and that is natural we are human and most things we have inherited, but it is not something we have to keep.  Things that are holding us back from being the best we can be are the very things we must remove so that we can become whom we desire and giving us the opportunity to be our best version of yourself.


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