Relationships-Law Of Attraction

Law Of Attraction – Relationships

A Mate And Marriage:  A couple that prays together stays together that isn’t just a myth!   They must be honest with each other from the beginning and throughout the relationship.

The best time to prevent divorce is before marriage.   It isn’t wrong to get out of a terrible situation but why get into it in the first place? Give attention to the real cause of the problem,  by using the power of our subconscious mind, and it’s truths.

The meaning of marriage it must be on a spiritual base and of the heart is the glue of love.  Each partner must be sincere and honest with the other.  It isn’t a real marriage when I a man or woman marry each other for their money, looks, accomplishments, social issues or to lift your ego.  These actions indicate a lack of sincerity, honest and sincere love.  This type of marriage is a sham, false and won’t last.

When a woman says, I want to get married so I can quit my job or I want to marry someone with money so I can have everything I want security, she isn’t using the laws of her mind correctly.  A woman will never lack for wealth or happiness by applying the laws of attraction correctly.  Her security and peace of mind come from the inner self of her subconscious mind.  When the subconscious mind is imprinted with these things, she will have them and won’t need to find them in a man or expect one to provide those things for her. The union of love is completing the satisfaction that you both already have inside you and just sharing the good vibes and energy, you both bring to the table without unrealistic expectations from each other.  This way of life you learn with yourself by understanding your paradigm, changing your way of thinking by breaking old habits and patterns that have gotten you nowhere in any relationship you have had that was not a successful one filled with peace, joy, and abundant love and happiness.  If you haven’t had that type of relationship, then it’s time to evaluate yourself and make some changes.



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