Relationships-Law Of Attraction

Law Of Attraction – Relationships A Mate And Marriage:  A couple that prays together stays together that isn’t just a myth!   They must be honest with each other from the beginning and throughout the relationship. The best time to prevent divorce is before marriage.   It isn’t wrong to get out of a terrible situation but why get into it in the first place? Give attention … Continue reading Relationships-Law Of Attraction

Are you the law of attraction skeptic?

The Law Of Attraction Skeptic? Does it all just sound a bit too woo-woo to you?  Well, I’m sure you are not alone.  However, I find that people that are skeptical of the whole thing are a bit curious as well otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this “right?” It is hard for people to get but if you do not believe that your thoughts can … Continue reading Are you the law of attraction skeptic?